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I Used to be a Boss! Now I Need A Job...

So I decided to be a little ironic with my first blog post on this website.  Well, if you know me you know I spent all my college years at Texas Student Television, and in my last year there I had the honor of being their station manager.  It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot being the head of an organization.  I took the job with a lot of pride and felt like I was bragging about it whenever I talked about it to others.  I mean, how many other 20 something year olds can say they ran an FCC licensed tv station?  Not just that, but the nation's only digitally licensed, student run one!

Anyways, the term for station manager lasts only a year, so my term just ended on the last day of May.  Now my replacement has taken over and is running good old TSTV.  With all the extra free time on my hands I can finally get to some me time though!  While at first that might mean vacation, it also means I can focus on getting a job!  I spent so much time running the tv station that I couldn't even give much thought to internships or jobs after college.  But now that that's different, let's see what I can muster up!  Challenge Accepted!

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