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Go Go Sour Rangers!

You Super Stretchy Sour Rangers! If you know anything about me, you know I'm a huge fan of the orignal couple seasons of Power Rangers. Well thanks to my job at The Annoying Orange I got to live out one of my childhood fantasies and be the Red Ranger! That's right! We made a Power Rangers parody, called Sour Rangers, starring me and YouTube's finest: Daneboe, Bobjenz, Shira Lazar, and Kevin Brueck. Surprisingly I didn't write the episode, but I did animate it and made it look as close to the Mighty Morphin' era as possible. Animating yourself is pretty weird...

Enough of me rambling. Go watch the video. TIME TO SOUR UP!

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New Podcast

We've got a new podcast over at Hyperdrive Pictures, called From Under a Rock!  Each week we review a movie that one of us hasn't seen and we bring eachother out from under the proverbial rock.  We've done about 8 so far (we're about to shoot the ninth).  THey release every Tuesday, right here.


And for now, you can enjoy my favorite episode so far, the review of Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods!


The Annoying Orange!


So remember that video application in the post below this one? Well it worked! For the past couple of months I've been working as an animator at The Annoying Orange and having a blast doing it.  I get to work with some of the best people in YouTube and I've met a lot of talented people there.  Here's one of my many videos on their channel.  Most of the videos look like this, though occasionally I take the characters out of the kitchen if the script calls for it.  Any Governator fans here?




The Annoying...Lemon?

As part of an application I sent in to be an animator at The Annoying Orange, I made this proof of concept video to show how I know how to do the effect they're looking for.  To be honest, I've known about this effect since I saw Kung Pow in 2002 and the Thumb movies in 2004, so it's always fun to do it myself.  Hopefully this leads to an interview!


Locked & Loaded - Youtube Short

One of the many Youtube shorts I've directed for Hyperdrive Pictures.  I also wrote, shot (except for the parts with me in it), edited and created the visual effects for it.  You can find more videos like this right here.