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Steve Cardenas LBCE '16

I've done enough Power Ranger interviews that I've interviewed a couple for a second time! The first being Steve Cardenas, who's got a new movie coming out! I think it's his first acting role since the show.



Batman v Superman Meets Snapchat

Had fun with this one, maybe I'll make a series out of it. Interesting study about web video though. As of right now it's got almost a million views on Facebook, but only almost 1,000 on YouTube. Hmm...

Well either way, the amount of shares it got on Facebook means something. As my boss says, it resonated with people! 


Zeo Morph Tutorial Part 2

Been doing an in depth tutorial series for how to do the ENTIRE Power Rangers Zeo morph. Be sure to check out Part 1 if you haven't seen it yet. Don't want to jump in at the wrong part!

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